A Total Resource Campaign markets sponsorships of your organization’s programs, events, publications and electronic media, as well as recruits new members.  In an organized few weeks, volunteers raise the funding for your programs for the entire year. Clients invariably increase their non-dues revenue by 200% or more their first year!

YGM LLC combines traditional consulting practices with innovative technology to provide unparalleled service behind the scenes. Our Internet-based Online System saves staff and volunteers hundreds of hours.

In 2012 YGM raised $10,360,992.00
for chambers of commerce across the nation!

Clients Earned Over The Last 5 Years.                


  • Step-by-step coaching
  • Detailed timeline
  • Website-based Online System
  • Staff and volunteer training
  • Assistance with training manual
  • Unlimited access to staff via
    phone and email
  • Up to 20 days on-site consulting
  • Development of sponsorship packages

YGM Clients

        For more info please contact us at 918.906.7846 or email us at