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SWeETy Camp 2018 - Calhoun (June 4-7, 2018)


These four-day camps for 9th - 12th grade girls will be held during the summer at Calhoun Community College and at Priceville High School in Decatur-Morgan County. These camps are piloted after the very successful Girl Power program by KBR. As the popularity of women leading successful careers in industry continues to grow, both camps are gaining more interest. The purpose of this event is to offer girls an opportunity to learn hands-on about technical skills that can lead to high-paying, satisfying careers in high growth industries. At camp, the girls first learn the importance of safety when working with electrical mechanisms and welding. The girls are able to learn the many intricate parts that go into both welding & electrical technology, such as various welding processes and procedures and electrical wiring parts and components. The girls also do a hands-on project to take home that they create using the craft skills they learn. Each day at lunch they hear from women in these fields. On the last day, they tour a local industry. **Chamber will invoice for all contracts and payment must be paid in full or other arrangements for payment must be made prior to fulfillment of sponsorships.

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