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Star Student/Star Teacher 2018 Awards Banquet - Bibb County


The Student/Teacher Achievement Recognition program is a program that honors the academic achievement of students and also honors the dedicated teachers who have inspired that achievement. The purpose of the program is to 1) recognize academic achievement in Bibb County's high schools and to motivate students to be good scholars and achievers; to honor excellence in teaching, to promote teaching as a career and to encourage outstanding teachers to stay in the classroom; and to demonstrate the business community's commitment to excellence in education and to increase the interaction between students and the business community. The winner of the Bibb County STAR moves on to the regional STAR Banquet and the Regional winner moves on to the State STAR Banquet. The statewide STAR Program is sponsored by the Professional Association of Georgia Educators, The Georgia Department of Education and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. This event is typically held in February.

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