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Total Resource Campaign: TRC Kickoff Luncheon Sponsor 2025

cost: $500


This event in January 2025 marks the official beginning of the annual Total Resource Campaign with approximately 50 volunteers attending.

The sponsor receives their name/logo in all pre and post-event promotions, on the websites www.uniquelyurbandale.com and www.dsmpartnership.com, as well as through direct e-mails to the 50 volunteers, and the exclusive privilege of displaying your company's marketing material and signage (provided by sponsor) at the kickoff.

In addition, as a sponsor, a representative of your company is invited to assist in kicking off the event through 2-minutes of "face time" during the kickoff. Why sponsor the TRC campaign? You gain exposure to area CEO's and leading volunteers. These are the companies and volunteers in Urbandale making a difference.

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