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genYPM: genYPM - July 11, 2024

cost: $300


Showcase your business by hosting a genYPM networking event from 4:00 to 5:00 pm on July 11, 2024

Event Perks -
- Ability to host the event at your business.
- Chamber staff takes all registrations and provides name tags.
- You will receive an electronic listing of all attendees with their contact information after the event for additional follow up.
- The company receives publicity in the event listing on www.uniquelyurbandale.com and www.dsmpartnership.com as the event host.
- Sponsor recognition is also given on the genYP social media pages.
- Sponsor can provide a 30-45 second video a week before the genYPM event. The video will be used on genYP social media and added to the event calendar. This is great marketing for the sponsor as well as a way to invite genYP members and potential new members to the event at your office space.
- As the host, you will have the attendees undivided attention for 7 minutes to showcase during the event.

Hosts are asked to provide hors d'oeuvres and beverages. Hosts should have enough space at the office/chosen location to accommodate 35+ guests.

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