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Opelika Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Campaign chair: Ali Rauch

campaign total$195,792
weekly total$0
current week started06/19/2021

This Week's Top Producers

Erin Steele: $0

Alexis Schutt: $0

Billy Plummer: $0
S&S Termite Pest Control

Last Week's Top Teams

Bob Harris$0
Nathan Kastner$0


The Steamline Express"
Issue 2-2016

Officially at the end of our 3rd week of TRC!!
This week total comes to $18,113!!!! Which is over our $11,500 weekly goal!!

Total Sales from Renewals & new sales: $150,126. That's 81% to goal of $185,000! That is so awesome!!!!

Team Standings:
Current Week Total to Date
Nathan Kastner $8,343 $73,804 (84% of total goal)
Bob Harris $9,770 $76,322 (87% of total goal)

Top Producers this Week (as of today):

Bob Harris Country & Commercial Properties $6,839
Alexis Segrest BancorpSouth $2,100
Dawn Radnitz First Realty-Agent $1,630

Top Producers (Campaign to Date):

Jennifer Wheeler River Bank & Trust $28,048
Leigh Krehling Ellis-Harper Advertising $19,271
Dianne Lowe Hampton Inn & Suites $17,322

Quick reminders for membership recruitment: If we need to invoice the member for membership I cannot credit to TRC site until membership dollars are received. This is a precedent to securing a sponsorship for that member as well. Membership must be current to secure sponsorship.

Lastly, please RSVP for lunch Monday (yes or no), morning, 9 a.m. We will meet here at the Chamber building. Rewards luncheon is at Noon.

Reward Luncheons are important to attend-keeps you involved, up to date, and come together again with team members! (Reward checks are also given out)

Everyone have a great weekend! See you Monday!