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B.A.S.H. | Where Members Meet: B.A.S.H. - April 7, 2022

cost: $399


Similar to an AM Exchange, B.A.S.H., which stands for Business and Social Hour, is designed to build stronger relationships through social discussions.

Event Perks - Ability to host the event at your business or partner with another Chamber member location of your choice. The Chamber takes all registrations and provides name tags. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to open your doors, physically or virtually, to potential customers.

With 5 minutes of built-in FACE time, you may address attendees and share information about your company, upcoming events, or specials. Sponsors are encouraged to add excitement to the event by collecting business cards for a drawing from those in attendance. *When the Chamber receives prize drawing information (two weeks in advance) we can include that information to help promote the excitement in the electronic invitation. Sponsors receive an electronic listing of all attendees with their contact information after the event for additional follow up.

Recognition - The company receives publicity on www.uniquelyurbandale.com and www.desmoinesmetro.com - B.A.S.H. event listing as host of the event. In addition, as the host, you have the attendees' undivided attention for 5 minutes to showcase during the event.

Hosts are asked to provide light refreshments for attendees and have enough space at the office/chosen location to distance attendees. Groups can break off into different rooms if this structure works best for your space.

The April B.A.S.H. event is scheduled for April 7th from 4-5 p.m.

Please note, by signing this contract, you are agreeing to the Chamber's covid event policy. For full details visit: https://ygmtrc.com/2022-urbandale/about_event.php?id=25598

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