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Urbandale Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Campaign chairs: Leisa Fox & Annette Renaud

campaign total$280,888
current week started12/02/2023

This Week's Top Producers

Michelle Keys: $0
Upper Iowa University

Randy Pelham: $0
Randy Pelham - Individual Member

Brenna Young: $0
Quality Marble & Tile

Last Week's Top Teams

The Clear Winners$0
Team Beach or Bust$0
Team ACME$0


A huge CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who worked hard to help us reach our goal for TRC 2020!

It was a nail-biter, but we had a couple of last-minute sales that came in during the celebration to help us reach and exceed goal!

A number of you have told me you still have contracts you are waiting for to come in. Any contract received between now and March 31st will be logged to you and you will receive TRC credit.

Any contract received after March 31st we will still log the sale to you for renewal purposes in 2021.

We have a few members who would like to continue to actively work the campaign to reach their goal. If you would like to continue to work the campaign, please let me know so we can help push leads your way.

So far, the following have told me they are working the campaign: John Cannon, Amy Eaton, Karen Goldsworth, Mike Johnson, Bernie Stone, Brenna Young, Michele Reeves, Matt Nuetzman, Randy Pelham, Becky DeVries, Annette Renaud, Ben Buenzow, Kristen Smart, Lisa Stav. Please let us know if you want to be added to this list.

A huge thank you to Leisa Fox and Annette Renaud for their leadership! Annette is excited about coming back next year to lead the campaign.

Together we did it - thank you so much for all of your hard work to make this possible!