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Urbandale Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Campaign chairs: Eric Williams & Christy Jones

weekly total$0
current week started07/13/2024

This Week's Top Producers

Susan Bonnicksen: $0
Susan Bonnicksen/Superior Printing and Promotions

Ben & Kristen Buenzow: $0
Buenzow Insurance Group

Aisha R. Syed: $0
Iowa Realty - Aisha R. Syed Real Estate, LLC

Last Week's Top Teams

We Are Kind of a Big Deal (Jack Fries Team Captain)$0
Team Brick (Jason Parkin s Team)$0
X-Panther, "60% of the time, we meet our goals every time!"(Creighton Cox Team Captain)$0


We are rounding the corner and only have a couple of weeks remaining of the campaign.

Now is the time to follow up again with the new member prospects you were working with and make follow up calls to everyone who has not gotten back with you on a sponsorship. We all get busy - a follow up call is pretty normal. Don't be afraid to give them a call.

I have a list of the prospective members we have given out during the campaign below. If you took a prospect and you are unable to call them, please let us know so we can give the lead to someone else.

We are also working on our member drop list. These are businesses we had to drop because they had not paid their dues and they were not getting back with us. If someone would like to receive that list, let me know. If you get them to pay, we will assign it as a new member to you. We will have this list ready at the end of the day. It is a bit of a different conversation so we will also get you a script you can use.

We are still in need of cash sales. We have not reached that goal yet. This week we reminded volunteers that if YOU are going to the CIBC, be sure to buy your own ticket now so you can get it at a discount. There are also some great sponsorships remaining.

We are seeing some great contracts coming in for the job fair - great job everyone! Keep it up - we will be able do deliver a fantastic event for our Urbandale kids for employment. What you are doing makes a huge impact - thank you!